APHY research covered in Nature Physics News and Views

In the April 2012 issue of NATURE PHYSICS two recent papers [1,2] by members of APHY have been covered in a 'News and Views' article [3]. In the article, entitled 'Optical computing: Photonic neural networks', Damien Woods and Thomas J. Naughton from Caltech and National University of Ireland Maynooth highlight the work done on the introduction of a new computational paradigm and its implementation using delayed feedback systems. This concept is based on a simplification of Reservoir Computing, a neuro-inspired approach. The 'News and Views' article mentions work done by the PHOCUS consortium in which APHY is involved, together with a related article from colleagues from the ULB. The authors conclude that our approach provides new and interesting ways to solve computational problems using optical communications hardware. In addition, it stimulates and contributes to the question of how nature does compute.

[1] L. Appeltant, M.C. Soriano, G. Van der Sande, J. Danckaert, S. Massar, J. Dambre, B. Schrauwen, C.R. Mirasso, I. Fischer, "Information processing using a single dynamical node as complex system", Nature Communications 2, 468 (2011).
[2] L. Larger, M. C. Soriano, D. Brunner, L. Appeltant, J. M. Gutierrez, L. Pesquera, C. R. Mirasso, I. Fischer, 'Photonic information processing beyond Turing: an optoelectronic implementation of reservoir computing', Optics Express 20, 241-3249 (2012).
[3] Damien Woods, Thomas J. Naughton, 'Optical computing: Photonic neural networks', Nature Physics 8, 257-258 (2012).