MSc. Sophie Viaene and Dr. Vincent Ginis receive Solvay awards for their master and PhD dissertations in physics and engineering, resp.

The Solvay Institutes maintain a strong tradition in supporting curiosity-driven scientific research. Among scientists, the Institutes are widely recognized for the organization of the famous Solvay conferences on Physics and Chemistry, which are associated to famous participants such as Einstein, Planck, Bohr, Curie and many others. Every year, The Solvay Institutes also organise public lectures given by leading scientists and Nobel laureates. On October 18 2015, the Institutes organized such a public lecture session in Brussels to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the general relativity theory due to Einstein, describing fascinating astrophysical objects such as black holes and the evolution of our universe after the big bang.

To stimulate young scientists to communicate science towards non-experts, on the same occasion the Institutes rewarded exceptional master and PhD students of the VUB and ULB with a Solway award. Based on their outstanding performance during an interview and the quality of their master and PhD dissertations, Sophie and Vincent received a Solvay award by the CEO of Solvay, Mr. Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux, for their work on “thin metamaterial waveguides based on two-dimensional transformation optics” and “the description of novel electromagnetic phenomena using the geometrical techniques of transformation optics”, respectively. Moreover, the Institutes recognize the impact of professors and promotors on the scientific education of the laureates, in particular the promotors Philippe Tassin, Jan Danckaert and Irina Veretennicoff of Sophie and Vincent, which are proudly associated in their success.