Sophie Viaene receives Best Student Award from the Faculty of Sciences

On Friday, July 4th, Sophie Viaene has received the Best Student Award in the Faculty of Sciences from the dean, Prof. Dr. Paul Geerlings. Each year, the prize is awarded at the proclamation ceremony to the student who excelled throughout its bachelor and master studies at the VUB.

Sophie recently completed her master in Physics and Astronomy and continues her research supported by an FWO fellowship at the Applied Physics Research Group. Sophie completed her master dissertation in the Applied Physics Research Group, under supervision of Prof. Jan Danckaert, Prof. Philippe Tassin, and Dr. Vincent Ginis. In this master dissertation, entitled “Two-Dimensional Transformation Optics: A Guided Tour to Nonmagnetic Flatland Metamaterials,” Sophie provides a new way to manipulate the propagation of light which is concentrated to thin material sheets. In particular, Sophie used techniques common to Einstein’s theory of general relativity to extend the existing formalism of transformation optics, which was only applicable to bulk materials.