IEEE Photonics Society awards APHY researcher Vincent Ginis with Graduate Student Fellowship

Vincent Ginis, PhD student at the Applied Physics Research Group, received the IEEE Graduate Student Fellowship Award at the Annual Meeting of the IEEE Photonics Society in Seattle, USA. The photonics society of the IEEE—one of the biggest professional organisations of electrotechnical and photonical engineers—awards yearly Student Fellowship Awards to 10 outstanding PhD students worldwide.

The doctoral research of Vincent, under supervision of Prof. Jan Danckaert, Prof. Irina Veretennicoff and Prof. Philippe Tassin, is focused on the fundamental interaction between light and matter. More specifically, they study the exotic physics and applications of metamaterials, within the framework of transformation optics. Amongst others, they have demonstrated that the frequency of light can be converted inside time-dependent metamaterials, that light can be confined in subwavelength metamaterial cavities and that optical forces between waveguides can be enhanced using thin metamaterial claddings.