The portfolio of external mandates and projects for which G. Verschaffelt, G. Van der Sande I. Veretennicoff and/or J. Danckaert are responsible as a supervisor or co-supervisor is evidence of a proactive and balanced research culture.

We are currently running:

  • 3 FWO aspirant fellowships
  • 2 FWO postdoctoral fellowships
  • 2 FWO projects "Dynamics of toxin-antitoxin stress response networks: an interdisciplinary computional and in-vivo approach." (R. Loris & J. Danckaert) and "Dynamics and computational performance of delay coupled complex systems."(G. Van der Sande & J. Danckaert
  • 1 Hercules project: "High speed real-time characterization of photonic components"(G. Verschaffelt & J. Danckaert), a participation with the IAP network "Photonics@be", via Department of Applied Physics and Photonics (TONA)
  • 1 EU STREP expired in 2010 (around semiconductor ring laser dynamics (IOLOS - Integrated Optical Logic and Memory Using ultrafast micro-ring bistable Semiconductor Lasers, see
  • EU FET-OPEN project started in 2010 (Phocus - Towards a photonic liquid state machine based on delay-coupled systems, see
  • A project of the Brussels Region (CRYPTASC - Advanced ICT solutions for Cryptography, Authentication and Secure Communication) has just ended.